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At Get-Er-Down Divers we use what we sale. After a year of ordering and paying for the name brand diver we figured there had to be a more cost effective way to be able to afford to use divers since they are so effective for snagging bill. We found our current product and have made a few adjustments to them to make them work better. We have been using our products for 4-5 years now and can answer pretty much any question you might have on using them, setting them up, problem solving to maybe why your not boating fish. Feel free to reach out to use for with any questions.
Heres a brief description of what one is.
A Get-Er-Down Diver is a type of fishing lure used in trolling for various species of fish, including paddlefish aka spoonbill, salmon, trout, walleye, and striped bass. It is designed to dive to allow your hook or tackle to reach a desired depth of water based of a few different variables like boat speed, alignment of the bottom directional plate that allows your hook or tackle to either shift to the port or starboard side of the boat. Or can be left on 0 (zero) to stay directly behind boat depending on your fishing situations.
The Get-Er-Down Diver consists of a poly propylene plastic main disc that can be adjusted to different widths with a top mounted fixed rudder vane that allows it to be sent port or starboard or directly behind the boat. A fishing line attachment point on a metal trip arm that allows for easier retrieval once tripped. We also offer a no-trip attachment that is used when the trip bar is not needed like for snagging spoonbills.
We have a video posted on the basic setup for using the Get-Er-Down Diver for snagging spoonbills. Generally it's set up with either a barbless single treble hook in Oklahoma or in Missouri it can be set up with multiple barbed treble hooks set at different distances above the diver.
Get-Er-Down Divers is a popular and effective tool for catching a wide variety of fish species in both freshwater and saltwater environments and much more cost effective as the other name branded divers.

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